Saturday, October 25, 2008


Are you ready for this? Just two months from today is the big day - the most fun time of the year. Christmas Day!!!! I like Halloween, I love Thanksgiving - but I ADORE Christmas. I like the music, the rushing about, the shopping, the surprises, the baking, the eating, the visiting, the singing, the decorating, the hustle and bustle, the neighborhood lit up in lights, family visits, friends stopping by - oh I just love it all.

Even the teddy bears get into the spirit!

We begin our celebration on Thanksgiving night - getting out the Christmas music and listening to our favorites. When the kids were at home we would get the dinner all cleaned up, eat a turkey sandwich and then make the first batch of Christmas cookies. As the years go by I find that after the dishes are all cleaned up and everything is in its place I'd just as soon have a cup of peppermint tea and listen to music - the cookies will come later.

The Fall decorations are still up - the Christmas quilt is not on the bed - but I am ready for Christmas to come already. We have a stash of presents that we have bought for the grandsons - and a few for our kids. I can't think of one thing I'd like for Christmas except to have all our kids home for a few days. It won't happen this year - our son and daughter-in-law will be at their home in West Virginia celebrating with her family - but the rest of us will be together - and we'll burn up the phone lines with calls back and forth to WV all season. Can't you just feel the excitement already?

Holly dishes and some carolers and Santa.

Today Ben was here and asked if we could play "I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas" - and of course Grammy got out the CD and we played it over and over. He stood on his stool in front of the CD player and used whatever he could think of for a drum - and sang and sang - it was so darn cute. After about 25 times he got tired of the song - but I'm sure he'll be ready for it again next time he comes over. How can you deny a 3 year old his favorite song? :-)

A doorknob teddy decoration.

I am working on some fun stuff - angels and more pincushions - and some notecards - I'll post more about that next time. Right now I just want to relax and think about the holidays ahead.

Merry Christmas (in two months)!


Dorothy said...

Hi JoAnn,
I love your christmas photos! Can't wait to bring out the christmas decorations!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I so agree with you, all I would want is my family with me! I am also a big fan of traditions. The week of Thanksgiving is very busy, we always make a Gingerbread house, and candy. I, however start Christmas music November 1st!! Already getting my blog music ready! Merry Christmas to you too!!

Sheri said...

Your post made me excited for Christmas to come too. Your enthusisum is infectious.