Thursday, October 9, 2008


I am certainly enjoying meeting all the new, and old, friends in this give-away - I'm so glad to be involved in it. And I'm hearing wonderful stories about quilting.

Here is another fun thing in the give-away. A small roll of wired ribbon, in wonderful fall colors. You can make bows for your decorations, or wrap a pretty gift with it. I love the wired ribbon - makes such pretty bows - like the one on my aluminum punch bowl.

And to review - here are the other items to be included in the give-away.

Three zipper mesh bags - just the thing for organizing.

A knitted pin cushion - in gorgeous fall colors.


Three lovely pieces of my handpainted fabrics.

So leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about quilting - and you are entered to win this great package of goodies. Who knows, there might be a few other extras tucked in there also.

Happy quilting.


Judy said...

Jo, my favorite thing about quilting is all the friends I've met via the internet. And the fact that there is nothing like the warmth of a quilt made by loving hands.
PS: I love you hand painted fabrics.

Silverthimble said... favorite thing about quilting would be the people. I love the social aspect of quilting. I love everything about getting together with other quilters whether it is in person or chatting over the Internet. I also love the reaction I get from someone who receives one of my quilts as a gift. Isn't this a great hobby!

Miss Anne said...

I actually am JUST starting my VERY first quilt! :) It's my fall/winter project. The thing that I love about quilting is how personal it is. It's your own hard work, hands on, and something you can have forever.

I cherish the quilts that my grandmother has given me... they mean so much!

Great give away! :)

Sue said...

I'm just a couple of "spaces" from you on the blog ring :) and found you today. What a lovely giveaway!

I've been quilting for 16 years and love everything about it. My favorite part depends on the day and the quilt, but overall, the hand quilting and binding are my favorites. Hand quilting because it's so relaxing and beautiful and the binding because it means another project is DONE!

Love your blog!