Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Here is the second part - another item to give away. I will be adding - to the fall color knitted pincushion and the zipper mesh bags - three fat quarters of my hand painted fabrics. These are PAINTED - not dyed - with non toxic paints - sun-printed and ready to use - will not fade or bleed - guaranteed colorfast.

So be sure and enter - if you haven't already - only one entry per person. Just leave me a comment telling me what your favorite thing about quilting is. Only those entries that answer that question will be considered. And I must be able to reply to your comment, or have an email included, or your name will be deleted from the give-away. Those who entered on the previous post are already in the drawing - and I've enjoyed your comments.

It is amazing that I've already gotten 16 comments with no-reply, or no email, or no comment on quilting. Wish it wasnt' so - but it surely is.

So let's hear from you - about what your favorite thing about quilting is. Happy quilting.

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belinda said...

hey.....i'm so glad your left your morning routine response to my tuesday "tell me"! i has been soo much fun to read about everyone!