Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Not a creature was stirring - not even a mouse (there had better NOT be a mouse in this house). But all through the house the decorations were in place and ready for christmas.

We have Santas on the buffet - - -

Santas on the marble top dresser - - -

Teddy bears on the door handle - - -

And a reindeer guarding the closet filled with gifts. They are not wrapped yet - so we need a guard - - -

Jingle bells on the window - - -

Cookie jars atop the cabinets in the kitchen - - -

A train pulling out of the station, filled with candy - - -

A big bear that will play holiday songs for you at your request - - -

Shimmery snowflakes hung from the chandolier - - -

And of course - mistletoe in the doorway.

We are ready for christmas - now to do some baking!!! Don made the Chex Party Mix last night - that was a good start.

After I get the kitchen cleaned up I'll start on the German Stollen - our favorite holiday bread.

It is yeast bread, full of candied fruit and nuts and raisins - you can frost it - - -

Dust it with powdered sugar - or leave it plain. Pop a slice or two in the toaster and brown it a little, or heat it in the oven, slather it with butter, and you are instantly in heaven.

It is our Christmas morning breakfast - plus good any time with a nice hot cup of tea.


Dorothy said...

JoAnn, you've been busy! The decorations look great! I'm just getting started, Mom hasn't had a very good week.
The stollen looks delicious!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Cute and yummy stuff! Thanks for freda's hiving today, see you tomorrow ;-).


Sabina said...

I've never had that bread -- it looks yummmy!!

I confess that my house isn't decorated yet but your blog makes me want to haul down those boxes and get to work!!

Have a great day!!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh wow. How fun. ...and yummy food, too. Now I'm hungry!