Tuesday, December 16, 2008


There were a couple Santas I forgot to photograph - and a couple new ones have come to join the fun.

These two are new - not very big - but very nice. See, one is offering you a toy.

This little guy came from Virginia - a gift from our daughter when she and her familiy went to Virginia for thanksgiving. Don't you just love the little snow village inside his cape?

This skinny guy is painted on a very big wooden crochet hook, by a friend of mine several years ago. He hangs on the tree, he's too skinny to stand with the other Santas for very long.

A santa teapot and cup - just the thing for a cup of christmas tea - or a christmas tea party.

He comes apart for your tea party.

A santa scene for one of the bathrooms.

And in the other bathroom - Santa and bunch of penquins.

Our son made this santa jar when he was in 4th grade. We've had to refurbish his beard of cotton balls a few times over the years, but otherwise he is in great shape. We fill him with Chex party mix every holiday season. I will be sad when this guy goes to live with our son. We'll miss him. He is made from one of those jars that held a candle in restaurants.

Some teeny tiny santas - Don gave me these guys just the other day.

See - I told you they were tiny - or else that is a giant's finger touching them - but I think it is a regular sized finger and teeny tiny Santas.

Hail Hail - the gang's all here. Everyone lined up and ready for their christmas portrait. Even skinny Santa stood up for a few moments while the picture was taken.

So - let's see your santa collection. Leave a message and tell us that you are posting your Santa collection. Some of you have already done blog posts about Santas - I've loved them all. Be sure and give us a link to those posts also. And if you don't have a Santa collection, but collect something else - we'd love to see that collection too - it will be fun to see how many of us collect things related to the holidays. Ok - who is going to be first ??

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Sharyn said...

I had to part out the estate of a lady that collected Santa's. There were over 400 plus there was a ton of other Christmas related things. She ate and drank Christmas I think! Kinda burned me out on the holidays. Maybe next year :-)