Friday, December 19, 2008


Bench Henge (our own version of StoneHenge) - the bench on the far left is barely visible - the snow got so deep it covered the little bench and then swallowed it up.
Have we got more snow! Not that we actually wanted any - but we got it. It seems like it never stopped snowing - and from the looks of things - I believe that is true.

We had over 12" of new snow on Monday morning and Don walked 1/2 a mile to the bus stop so he could get to work.

He said it wasn't bad in town so he decided to drive to work on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then it happened - even more snow, snow snow - and he took a snow day on Thursday. I was supposed to work on Thursday also - but if Don isn't going out then I surely am NOT. We did christmas cards, wrapped packages to be mailed, drank hot tea and ate christmas cookies.

Snow in the side yard

No swinging today unless your name is Snow Elf. Just look at that "stack" of snow on the swingseat.

My internet went out early Wednesday morning so I was missing the fun of blogging and reading blogs - then two young men from Comcast came out a day early and discovered that the power company had cut into the cable when they were busy fixing our electrical problems a week ago - and the cold weather made the cut worse and finally broke it completely in two. Now I have my internet back and I'm happy. It is amazing how often I thought I'd go to the computer to look something up - and realized it wasn't there. Ahhh the joys of modern science, and nice young men who can fix cables.

A forest of snow covered trees.

Summer picnic table - with a few flower pots still sitting on it - you can see the little windchimes sticking up out of one pot - and a pitiful little Hollyhock plant in the middle of the table. Brr r r rrrr

The boat is almost gone.

A bigger snow hat for crow.

And a snow hat for elephant watering can - I think he is wanting to go in the shed now, where all elephants spend the winter.

Did somebody drive into that little lamp post?

The big tree in the back yard.

That nigth it was so quiet and still outdoors - so we deicded to take a walk in the snow. Our street had been plowed so it was easy walking - and there was no traffic all the time we were outdoors. We don't usually have much traffic anyway - but this was unreal - and so quiet!!! I love the quiet of snow.

Nighttime view of the snow. The footprints in the snow are from a deer that was visiting earlier.

Swings and trees in the quiet and dark.

Crow in his snow hat, with the glow of the porch light.

It was so cold that by the time I got to taking pictures of the christmas tree in our living room - from outdoors, that I was shivering and couldn't hold the camera still. I love the squiggly wiggly lights - though I didn't like the shivering.

One more view of the wiggly squiggly lights - I'm just fascinated by these lights.

Hope your roads are clear and your days sunny!


Julie said...

Wow, lots of snow. We got about 2 more inches during the night but it is still coming down. I need to get out there and take some photos to post.

Greenmare said...

We're having a snow day again too, I can't tell yet how much we got, in some places it's pretty deep, but we got a lot of wind with it.

Libby said...

Love that winter weather. Your elephant is too cute...get him into the shed so he can warm up!

Sabina said...

What great photos!

Merry Christmas!!

gemma said...

We just had a few days of rain which was great for the desert.
Doesn't compare to your pictures of the snow!!!Love it!

JoyceAnn said...

Wow ~ Lots of snow , the pics are wonderful. We don't see much snow were I live , every few years we'll get a nice snow , we're due one.

~ Snowy Blessings ~