Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Ben loves to help in the kitchen. He and his mommy came for a visit one day and brought the ingredients to make cookies. He pulls his stool up to the baking center and digs right in.

He's a very serious little boy and concentrates quite well on the task at hand. This sure reminds me of his mommy when we baked cookies together when she was the same age.

Beccy frosting cookies in Wisconsin - age 3 ( almost 40 years ago). She's wearing one of my big red aprons.

Ben pouring the flour in the mixing bowl.

Measuring the chocolate chips.

In they go!

Time to do some stirring. Ben doesn't like sound of the mixer so they make their cookies with just hand stirring. He calls the mixer - "friend mixer" trying to convince himself that the noise is harmless, but he still doesn't like it when it is turned on. Our daughter is so good with Ben - she is the best mother I've ever seen, explaining things and letting him try things on his own, and helping him not to be frightened of things with motors.

A little drink - been eating too many chocolate chips I think.

And tasting - don't forget the tasting!!

I'll get this spoon nice and clean!!! Ben's shirt is interesting - one of his favorites -though no one in the family is Jewish, he loves to wear this shirt. He calls it his candle shirt.

And now while the cookies bake we will play train - Ben has on his engineer's hat (it really belongs to one of my teddy bears) and his plate is the steering wheel of the train. We all have to line our chairs up behind him for a train ride - and when the cookies are done he will eat them off of his steering wheel plate.

When we are outdoors he also likes to play train with the lawn chairs. We line them up and all sit behind him while he drives us along. Sometimes we get funny looks when neighbors drive by and see us all sitting in a row in the lawn chairs - and Ben insists that they be close together so the train can be hooked together. Quite a sight!! We just wave from our train cars as the neighbors go by smiling at us. Don't you just love grandsons!?!


Patty said...

Looks like a perfect cookie making day !

em's scrapbag said...

What a wonderful memory you will both have of this delightful day of cookie making. Yum!

swooze said...

How fun! I liked playing and being silly with my kids too without regard to what others thought.

You know, my kids used to be afraid of a flushing toilet in public restrooms so I always had to flush for them. I know the noise was very harsh on their ears. Thankfully they are over it!

Vicky aka stichr said...

Gently learning how to deal with loud noises is a much better way than telling the child to "get over it" . Having panic attacks, I can see how easy it is to start a fear with a child.

As for the chairs being close tog...of course, that's a no brainer, huh Ben??

Sabina said...

That was so much fun!! Wonderful photos and great memories!!


Julie said...

What a sweet boy! I love how serious and intent he is on baking.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

You are SO TOTALLY Fun with him. He has his own ideas about how things should be and I admire that in this little punkin', don't you? And oh, he's so funny with his "candle shirt." Gosh I just love him to bits.

Friend Mixer Love, *karendianne.