Monday, December 1, 2008


After we went to the Pumpkin Patch with the boys, our grandson Jahn spent one afternoon with us, carving his pumpkin and baking a pumpkin pie. He brought with him his Build-a-Bear Cheetah - who has a karate suit - and so they both wore their headbands all day. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the Cheetah - but lots of good pictures of Jahn

We started by carving the pumpkin he had picked out at the pumpkin patch. He wasn't so crazy about the "guts" - but he hung in there and only needed a little help from Grandpa to get the inside nice and clean.

Carving - he did really well all by himself. He didn't draw the face on - just started carving it - and for a 7 year old he did really well. I don't think I could have gotten it that straight. He made it with a winking eye.

Artist and art - good job Jahn

Next - on to the pie making with Grandma. Jahn cut in the butter with two big knives. Grandma helped a little at the end.

It is interesting the one grandson calls us Grammy and Grampy - and the other calls us Grandma and Grandpa - and there is usually a little discussion about it when the two boys are here at the same time - each is sure that his way is the right way.

Rolling out the crust. It is such fun to have the kids in the kitchen cooking.

A little break from cooking - Jahn wanted to make some paper airplanes from the leftover paper that was under the pumpkin carving - the part with no "guts" on it. He folds the planes in an interesting way that he invented himself - uses one staple and those planes can really fly!

Back to baking - Jahn cracks the eggs - and never a crushed shell.

In they go - along with the pumpkin, into the big yellow mixing bowl - a favorite at our house.

Now the mixing - takes a strong boy to mix it all up - it is starting to smell good already.

And read to go in the oven - we are all hungry for pie by now.

Waiting for the pie to bake - we painted some wooden Halloween ornaments. Jahn doesn't want the camera to peek until he is done.

We wiped up the cooking mess, put everything back in its place and loaded the dishwashwer. And then eating the pie - the best part. We each had one piece and Jahn took the rest home with him. He was very happy with pie baking.


Teresa said...

Yum...sure looks good and great you captured it in such cute pictures. Thanks for sharing. By the way - I think I have the same yellow mixing bowl you are showing -except mine is a potato salad bowl. My mom mixed up big bowls of potato salad in that bowl for as long as I can remember and just a year or so she gave it to me. So now when all the family gathers - I have to bring in the potato salad, and it better be in the yellow potato salad bowl!

Judy said...

What fabulous memories you are making. Such a fun day.
Oh, the big yellow bowls! That was the cookie bowl. I can't remember the other colors in the set-red??, just the yellow one...Isn't that funny.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

You're the best with your grandkids. You really are!